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Before you consider applying for a loan

Have you heard about the Money Advice Service in the UK?

The Money advice Service is an impartial authority for life’s money matters and the perfect organisation to talk to if you are looking for advice on which is the best loan for you. You can contact the free service through web chat on their website or on the phone. You also can be matched we a personal money advice service expert and have a face to face meeting. Watch the video on the left to learn more or visit 

The Money Advice Service Website

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Asda Money

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9.9% rep APR


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Take your time

There are lots of loan options to choose from on the internet. Best loans recommend 3 lenders based on our research. But don’t take our word for it. Take your time, shop around and make sure you calculate the total cost of the loan before accepting any offer.   

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How many days do you have before you must accept a loan?

You have a 14 day cooling off period from the date your loan was approved.

What to look for when applying for good quality loan?

When a lender shares their interest rates with you, only 50% of people who apply for a loan will receive the advertised interest rate. A lender is only obliged to give that interest rate to 50% of the people that apply. The other half of the people usually pay more. So be careful. If you are offered a loan with a higher interest, push back on the lender.

Should you take out payment protection insurance?

Payment protection insurance is a good idea. However be careful. Allot of payment protection insurance policies will not pay for the first 90 days after you stop working or become unemployed. Certain illnesses are not covered by plans. You need to really read the terms of the policy and ask lots of questions before committing. 

Is it better to borrow a small amount of money?

Borrowing a smaller amount of money will incur higher interest rates. Only borrow the amount of money you feel you can repay without putting yourself under financial pressure. 

How to get the best loan?

Don’t just accept the first rate you are offered by the lender. Ask them for a reduce rate. Then shop around if you  do not get a reduction. Remember you have a 14 day cooling offer period after your loan has been approved.